About Hazara

The Hazara rugs were named by the turkish tribe from Afghanistan. According to legend, Dschingis-Khan left his 1000 most loyal soldiers to reign the conquered regions. Hazar still means 1000 in the afghan language and reminds of the 1000 soldiers. The Hazara tribe is well known for its fine rugs. They use a special knot to realize this mostly graphic swatches with richness of detail. The founders of Ariana Rugs also originate from this afghan tribe, with the result that the Hazara rugs have a special status at our company. Traditional motives and symbols were transformed into contemporary designs. We retained the fine knotting adjustment, but we also were able to create a much fresher look, thanks to a gentle color palette, tender contrasts and by reducing the filling ornaments. A look that fits perfectly to straightforward designs and furniture in western households.